4 Necessary Skills for Entertainment Law Featuring John Branca Attorney

4 Necessary Skills for Entertainment Law Featuring John Branca Attorney

Entertainment law is a unique sector that often requires special skills to excel at. Practiced lawyers like John Branca age 70, know that being an entertainment lawyer often means being an advisor and accountant, among other things. Dissecting the nuances of this sector is imperative to success. If you’re seeking an entertainment lawyer or looking to get into law for yourself, you’ll want to pay attention to these four skills that help a lawyer that deals with creatives to excel.

1. Empathy

Law can be a grueling and time-consuming profession that requires a lot of traditional education and discipline. Because of this, empathy may not be a skill that immediately comes to mind as essential. In entertainment law, though, clients are often navigating a very foreign and challenging work environment that requires an empathetic consultant to explore. In addition, creatives are often hyper-sensitive and need more compassion than the average client.

2. Mentorship

Advising and mentoring clients are essential in this area of law. As you can see in the clip below of John Branca attorney, you often have to wear many hats when helping your client make decisions. Experienced lawyers need to pass on what they’ve learned about working in a rare business to those who are still learning.

3. Social Skills

Excellent social skills are imperative in an environment full of charismatic, artistic people. Networking is critical in the entertainment industry, and excellent social skills are the foundation for making lasting connections. While some areas of law require isolation and mountains of paperwork, an entertainment lawyer must maintain a network that benefits them and their clients.

4. Patience

The ambiguity of dealing with creatives and a fast-changing industry often requires more patience than some tried-and-true forms of law. Strengthening patience is a noble pursuit and one that is imperative to handling cases in a calm and collected way. John Branca attorney knows that wearing many hats requires persistence and composure.

The skills above are necessary and desired by those in need of entertainment lawyers everywhere. The entertainment industry’s confusing structure or lack thereof requires a lot of patience and empathy, among many other traits. When looking for an entertainment lawyer or pursuing entertainment law, try to find someone who possesses the experience and desire to grow that the market requires. A talented lawyer in this field will have a desire to continuously learn while on the job and a track record that proves that they do.

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