Why You Should Consider Concrete Repair Maintenance

Why You Should Consider Concrete Repair Maintenance

If your home or business is experiencing substantial damage, you may be wondering if you should consider Utah concrete repair maintenance. De-icing salts can cause damage to concrete surfaces and will continue until you take action. Fortunately, there are concrete repair solutions to restore your property and increase its curb appeal. Contact a Utah concrete repair maintenance company today to discuss your options! Read on to learn more about these methods and their benefits. You’ll be glad you did!


The latest in pavement preservation, Fibrecrete, is a hot-applied, flexible repair material that combines fiberglass, mineral fillers, and polymer-modified resins with a high-quality aggregate blend. It offers high durability, flexibility, and strength and lasts for years beyond other rigid repair options. In addition to its superior durability, Fibrecrete offers excellent resistance to water intrusion.

Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is an incredibly popular material for home renovation projects. Not only is it a durable, decorative finish, but it is also extremely inexpensive and easy to maintain. This type of concrete can mimic various natural materials, including brick, stone, and wood. Unlike other flooring options, stamped concrete requires little to no maintenance, and the results are stunning. Below are some tips to help you take care of your new floor.

One of the most critical steps in repairing and maintaining your concrete surface is finding a company specializing in this type of project. Utah County-based The Driveway Company combines innovative design with extensive surface preparation and application techniques to create your home’s unique, beautiful look. This product has many benefits for your property, from boosting curb appeal to generating less dust. You can trust that they will provide quality work and ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Concrete lifting

A professional can provide concrete repair services in the Salt Lake City area. These services can restore a damaged concrete surface and increase the value of your property. De-icing salts are another common cause of damage on concrete surfaces; until they are addressed, they will continue to damage the surface. If you have substantial damage in your home or business, a concrete repair can bring the property back to its original condition and add to its curb appeal.

Shifting soils and settlements can affect concrete. These two conditions cause structural damage involving a home’s foundation. Contact a professional concrete contractor if you’re unsure whether this is a concern. They can inspect the concrete to determine the cause of any cracks or sagging. Often, repairing your concrete slab can save you money over time. While these problems aren’t always as severe as the damage done by shifting soil, contacting a qualified concrete contractor is still necessary.

The Driveway Company

As one of the leading providers of pavement preservation products in Utah, The Driveway Company recently supplied Fibrecrete to a Salt Lake City airport to repair concrete ramps. During the winter months, this project was time-sensitive as the airport needed the ramp to be open at all times. For this reason, the team had to work overnight, from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., to complete the project promptly.

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